Guest Bloggers


Over the coming months, I’d like to introduce some fresh opinion to my blog page. Now one might ask, why on earth would you add in other bloggers to your own page?

Surely the whole point of a person’s blog is their account of the world, the way you see life, the universe and the price of fish?? Well, a one man blog site complete with smattering of ego and delusion, tends to be utterly un-dynamic and pretty static. We spend a huge amount of procrastination time reading other peoples adventures, their articles and posts packed with ideals, opinion and a stance you might yet appreciate or understand.

I don’t allude to being someone who can give anyone all the answers and for every subject I try and give my tuppence to, I know of at least half a dozen other perspectives that would really bring it to the game and I believe having that in one blog site is a crisp dynamic most would like to see.

You will recognise quite a few of the guest bloggers. They are people we know, listen to and respect. But sometimes, we really don’t appreciate how much of what we do and feel, is shared by others and some of these really are flying their flag very high achieving amazing success. It doesn’t matter what stage of this game you think you are at, you can ALWAYS afford to learn something new. So I believe a guest blogger series of articles here will add something special to the mix.


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