Who I am & What I do


Having already made the conscious decision not to begin this journey referring to myself in the third person, I hope you enjoy the blog content in its ‘warts and all’ manner, complete with spelling errors, grammar blunders and hasty observations of all things pertaining to the music industry. Specifically, albeit not exclusively, guides to breaking into music libraries, the pitfalls of any success or failure along the way. The people you will engage with, the colorful language and mind numbing terminology we all seem to use daily. I will of course be blaming my artistic moods, tendencies and my editor keyboard for a lack of allround grammar and blog beauty.

You may agree, sometimes not so much. So if you leave a comment or message, please no screaming and kicking. I can hear fine in 2D!

If you have suggestions for upcoming blogs, please drop me a line. If I can free form and ramble about the subject, and even fill in some blanks, I surely will.


A little about what I actually do……..


My name is Russell Bell, a British born composer, making it all up as I go along for some 27 years now. I learned to play piano and then bass guitar from around the age of 13. I had no formal training (it shows), except for those usual hard knocks life throws on you, but I have had some wonderful mentors along my journey. I spent all of my teenage years writing as much music as possible, rehearsing and then gigging 2 nights per week all around London playing Bass and Keys.

I decided life was a little too short and a few years back…I said nay to the rat race and embarked upon a full time quest as a composer. Now I won’t say “media”, as this turns my stomach and makes it all so faceless and corporate, but music for various forms of media is definitely what I compose. Awkward or what??!!

I have written music for dozens of shows that feature on US, UK and European tv and some trailer promotional work for the likes of Brand X Music and Big Screen music based in the UK. I’m also a full time staff composer for CouldB Entertainment © who furnish all the required tunage for networks such as NBC,ABC,Bravo,HBO,MTV,DISCOVERY,TNT,WARNER BROS amongst many others.

On occasion, I review and beta test for various sample libraries and sites when they can tolerate my presence and/or I can crow bar a spare afternoon to undertake them.

I’m proud to be part of this huge thriving community and I’d like to think I have learned a few handy bites along the way, but you can be the judge of that and I’m sure you will tell me otherwise!!


Looking forward to the coming blogs and features I have in store, and your feedback and contributions.




As far as setup is concerned, I have a host of hardware synths, some drums and percussion, a Violin I most certainly cannot play, all kinds of odds & ends based primarily around a PC rig consisting of a 5960x 8 Core running Win 7/64, 65Gb Ram, all SSD with an insane bank balance crushing number of sounds and libraries.

I run all my audio via the UAD Apollo which I stream to and from via Thunderbolt (yes, it’s possible via Windows).

I also have a MusicMan Stingray 3EQ and a Warwick Corvette to satisfy my bass cravings.



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