I love the interwebs. It connects me to fun sayings like ‘Love, peace n chicken grease‘ and shows me short videos of ‘cats doing funny shit’ on an unavoidable basis.
I love it because it allows a steady free flow of useful and not so productive information and although im quietly celebrating that fact, Wiki searching who was in what, and how well the currency rate is actually fantastic for me post Brexit, it also means their is no limit to learning and finding out workable solutions for daily work issues.
The other benefit is of course you wonderful people. Warts an all.
From the deeply cynical, micro FB celebrity to hugging all the trees and sipping green tea.

We all arrive at the table with our questions. The interweb is the finest round table known to us now and finding what we need from the right person is also part of that challenge.
It shouldn’t be should it? I mean i dont go to a car mechanic and think hes my goto guy for plumbing problems.

Nor do i head for a small tea room and ask for a large beer and a porterhouse.
So thats kinda where im at in full head scratching glory this wonderful Autumn afternoon.

Why do we make the job of finding out something so much harder than it needs to be?
We aren’t asking the right questions in the right location, and we def aren’t asking the right people.
In practice, it has meant ive been asked for a huge amount of things i couldn’t possibly answer or assist with.
Im not a game score composer, so def not the goto guy for breaking into that industry tips.
Im not a label owner or a publisher, so their is only a certain amount of info i can give.

It frustrates me purely because i cannot fathom how that helps anyone?
And i honestly from the heart, do want to see all my friends and colleagues succeed.
But its hard going sometimes cos despite not being one of those guys who says, ‘you’re eating into my valuable time’, i really dont think that at all btw. Its frustrating because we are running around like headless chickens some days and ALL of us are losing time and headway when we could be doing one of two very valuable things.

1: Making a good product – Wonderful music suitable and fit for purpose.
2: Spending time with family and any form of amusement/happiness that isn’t work related.

Im not saying we are all clueless buffoons floundering  around like gormless village idiots, but we sure arent making it easy for ourselves.
Their are just a few select trusted people i do readily ask for career advice, and some ill entrust my music to and i know that despite the heavy critique and brutal honesty, once i have wiped away the tears of mediocrity from my cheek, they will give me perfect guidance.
When i need technical expertise, their are obvious channels to go down and advice that is tailored more for me cos i know the people i ask are also in the same kinda field, cutting down the same corn and heading to market much like myself.
It is imperative to get good advice from those who have a track record. Not because its in any way elitist, its because it makes good common sense. If i spend time asking people i really like how to perfect something im trying to do in my work or career, it will be far less insightful than someone who has tried a 100 ways and failed, learned to get it done right and lived to tell the tale.

Ask each other the right questions. Stop looking for all the short cuts or compliments.
If you need your crumpets buttered and the jam inserted into your doughnuts, goto your family.
They will listen to any crap you make and insist you are an unsung, undiscovered Jerry Goldsmith waiting to happen., but for reality checks and things you need to hear, ask people who know.
And those who aren’t afraid to break it down. Dont go running away tale between your legs slagging off the critique.

Embrace all the brutal truths. The more it pains to hear it, the better the 180 flipside when you go and fix them all.
This counts for technical help, musical guidance, business advice, social networking, just about any facet  of your career and passion.
Sometimes during this little journey we are undertaking, you will hit lots and lots of cross road moments. Now the really big ones need no introduction or fuss, their are times in life when the wife gets a big promotion and you need to move 500 miles.
Or something big is changing your life direction, but the fact remains all the accumulative
smaller decisions amount to something equally ground shifting.
You just dont see life coming to the same degree if you make 20 good or bad mistakes, but the end accumulation is something of your own construction.

Their are colleagues out in the ether ive watched with total glee as they declared some big mighty goals that seemed airy and beyond grasp, only to clutch them in their fists some 2-3 years later, because they DID ask the right people, in the right places and took all the beatings required along the way.
In equal amounts, you will have many who fall by the wayside, ‘i dont know how you do it? why are you making money and im not? why doesnt anyone want my music but they want your shit? ‘All i wanna write is trailer music………..
Its not a smug declaration of my view versus the world, i have to say having spent countless years and years thinking i knew all the answers, it is with a big slice of humble pie id had to be honest with myself and say, a lot of this wont work unless i just ask.

Ive had convos with lots and lots of really lovely people who have fought their way to the top. And not a single one of them, despite big massive hollywood success and hit tv shows, have started out with a clean sheet.
Every one of them will tell you tales of misguided adventure and enthusiasm, being fired many many times, opening as many wrong doors as the ones we need to walk through.
Its a process. All of it. From a mid level hack like myself, to big advertising guys, sound design geniuses, score composers who are the next big thing. It is all a process but just try your very best to at least head directly to the people you need to be around.

Open the doors to rooms that at least make sense.


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