Organising My Chaos

So just a few days ago, we ventured out and kitted my partner in crime out with a new Macbook Pro to take on more admin duties and alleviate some of the areas and backlog that I’m clearly not dealing with as efficiently as I’d like.

I mean the reality is, writing huge amounts of production music, working on projects as they come and go, dealing with a house move, family bereavement, working up ideas for a new website, going through mixes, admin and all manner of things in and outside of my work life, it has become a bit of a mess.

How do you juggle all the balls and what are we missing?

I feel very much like 2016 still has a lot to give, and I’m prepared to put in the hours and get it done. My social media presence needs attention and focus. I had to pull my previous website as it just smacked of amateur hour to me, and my weekly plan isn’t remotely refined. I certainly cannot tell you with any confidence what I’m supposed to be doing this time next week.

Planning is a huge part of what we do. It’s a big part of anyones life and I cannot abide loose ends and uncertainty. It drives me crazy!

On the flip side of that rant is the fact I’m not very good at setting out regimented schemes and schedules designed to pull me into a structured day or week. I also like to work quite odd hours so I have found. Over the last 2-3 years especially, my work hours have darted around furiously and solely depend on my creative moods.

So having said all this, giving you a picture of how random my work life truly is, I’m exploring ways to fix it and remedy the grey areas.

Lisa, my partner in work crime and life, is going to be helping me hit more points that I’m not dealing with very well. Social media and website maintenance being just a couple, but also giving me a more solid base with things I just need to deal with.

That’s half the battle no question, just knowing what the order of importance is. The biggest thing I find a problem with inside all things social media, is regularity. This kind of untamed online beast hates being neglected. You cannot grow interest or any form of crowd if you just don’t give a monkeys. It shows. People pick up on your lack of interest and in the same way you click past dull random news, so do I and everyone else. But in respect, I’m not one for daily dull-as-dishwater vid blogs preaching to the devotees either.

Must rectify 2016!

I’m also going to spend more time analysing incoming data. From royalty statements and cue sheet listings. What exactly is bringing me back my investment? I know I have spoken about this before elsewhere, but it cannot be under estimated. You would perform these analytics in any other industry, so why not here too?

Know what’s strong for you. The genres, time taken on a project, knowing what your outgoing investments are in regards to physical and intellectual (virtual) purchasing, such as sound resources, cloud, subscriptions etc.

You cannot begin to get hold of the wheel if you don’t know what you are. Now I know, again, being seen as anything other than a hub of creativity is a sin word. But the reality is, a lot of us are awful in business and that’s a massive failing.

I know it’s quite enough to balance being a mini rock star, schmoozing with the right people, being opportunist, but none of that really matters if you or someone around you, isn’t holding the wheel as you pull through the gears. Yup, I’m calling Lisa in as my wing man! Someone to ride shot gun and make sure you aren’t dropping the ball.

I’m not a fan of random out sourcing. Call me a man with trust issues, or too much of a control freak, but I cannot just hand over a lot of responsibility to a stranger 6000 miles away for a few dollars a day. I won’t even broach the morality of that one, but let’s just say, from the outset, it isn’t ‘for me’. But each to their own.

When we do complete a house move, sometime this century, I’m definitely going to sharpen up in all areas. It literally has to happen. I’m knocking on nearly 41 and frankly as much as I feel like a mid twenties chap all over again, I’d still like to accomplish more in the next couple of years than say just amble along, plodding, ticking boxes.

Business isn’t a dirty word. Whether you’re self employed, a Ltd company etc, you need to stop thinking that a few cracking musical cues will save the day and jobs will pour in despite your complete invisibility and silence. All so you can tell your friends how artistic and devoted to the medium you are.