Single Systems – Yes they work too

I have been an avid single PC system user in my setup for years now. I have adopted this for quite a few reasons but i wanted to break into this as, with many reoccurring convos on builds, i wanted to reassure at least a slice of the composer market, its not law to have a huge Mac and 2-3 slave pc’s and a small server room to write and produce your music.

It certainly sells itself glamorously when every Hollywood composer you admire has a room full of the best gear and maps their rig in such a fashion. But its handy to take into account someone elses huge operational budget might not sit side by side with your daily needs. Sure id love a huge network of rooms and studios, server rooms and “staff” helping me accomplish my tasks, but personally id find this all overkill.

Dont get me wrong, if i was scoring some truly huge work for a block buster movie and insisted in having a working template that takes 15 mins of scrolling to see it top to bottom, id agree.

But thats not how i work, and perhaps for some of you, just a few, it might not be how you work either. Im absolutely not trying to take a swipe at anyones working practice or belittle peoples choices. Thats never going to work, and frankly what someone else does or doesnt do, has nothing to do with me. Im not paying their bills so i def do not get a say.

But bearing in mind most of us arent cavorting over a duvet made by 50 pound notes or 100 dollar bills, you have to be mindful of your realistic budgets and a system in place that actually tailors itself around you.

Ok so things i dont do:

I actually dont run a big template of any kind. It annoys the crap out of everyone i speak to, perplexes my chums and yes it makes me billy no mates in the usual, ‘so how do you arrange all your sub groups on a 1000 piece template’ conversation.

But for me, it works and efficiently so.

I dont run a Mac and never have done. Despite having used them from time to time, i have just found a complete symbiotic understanding of PC’s. I love the fact its open architecture form allows me to piece together something really special for my needs, it doesn’t break the bank coming in at least half the cost of a Mac build. It actually doesn’t crash or go wrong. Windows pcs arent the old fumbling relics of 1996, they are like the Macs of say, a few years ago which i was told in a preachy way, “just work”.
Well i have no desire to constantly update an OS every so many months and spend weeks crying about all the things that dont work anymore.

Simple fact is, PC’s arent the troll under the bridge and haven’t been for a few years, you just assumed the status quo and followed the pitch fork wielding locals chasing it out the village.

Im an alien visiting your planet clearly as i have never used or wish to use VE pro.
Strike me down and cast me to the river of shame and wash my naive face in the water or righteousness,…or something like that. But i dont have that need right now.Ive been told a few times why apparently i do need it, but for the lack of its presence, no one lost their life and all my music was delivered on time and sounded marvelous.

Im currently more than happy with 64gb ram and an all SSD system. Its quick, it doesn’t stall, crash or randomly yank the steering wheel at 90mph and dump me in a ditch.It actually “just works”.
I tend to use a few small blank templates with common instances loaded in that i will def use. Some effects routings im typically always happy to see,some of those short templates have my external syths mapped, some are for comedic writing, some tension, organic hybrid stuff etc and on and on….

The very closest to a multi system setup id get, would be to just buy all this over and again and have a sister clone setup. But im not going to do that.

The reason i advise single systems to others ,is many fold and ive certainly got my shit in a twist above, so with a calmer less nerdy driven simmering fury, ill just say, dont make yourself broke cos you really didn’t want to feel the odd one out.You dont need to go Hollywood or go home on this one.

Another perfectly good reason i use these practices on a single system is, the highly changeable styles and genres i need to adapt to and respond to. I find it so much easier having a basic rough template which still demands i engage some thought, some practical choice making when firing up sounds and devices.
I dont really relish when everything is preset, when all the functionality and decision making has been made super efficient and rigid. It feels like some of that ‘fun panic’ as i call it, has evaporated in favour of work flow enhancements.

It all feels very corporate and machine like to me. On one hand we sob over some advancements which steal our musician soul, and then we happily embrace the process of relinquishing our creative control over to a bunch of boards, plastic and flashy led’s. Mind boggles….

It is all relative and i fully understand that before you erect a cross and nail me to it, i get it that you have composers who work in a much more orchestral environment these days, and dont crave long biblical loading times, starting from scratch, and running out of resources. But their are many exceptions and thats all im saying. Kinda……




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